The Bellslip — Brooklyn, New York

Date: 2022
Status: Complete
Category: Commercial, Multi-Family Residential, Hospitality
Size: 15,000 s.f. (Interior Amenities), 7,500 s.f. (Exterior Amenities)
Team: Chris Leong, Dominic Leong, Edward Hsu, Gabriel Burkett, Hannah Frossard, Dina Reziapova, Christopher Lee, Jessie Baxa, Margaret Zyro, Tonks Yuenyue Chen, Yu-Hsiang Lin
Collaborators: Handel Architects (AOR), Dot Dash (Lighting), A. Zahner Company

The Bellslip is a 30-story residential tower at the northern-most edge of Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood. Situated along the inlet of the New Town Creek and the East River, the interior amenities create new relationships between the building, neighborhood, and the vibrant post-industrial context. The ground floor is both a lobby and public gathering space. Residents and community members enter the building through a 2,000-square-foot public lobby that serves as a lounge, gallery, and screening room. On one side of the entrance a café anchors the public lobby and at the other end a curving façade surrounds a seating area overlooking the new waterfront park toward the Manhattan skyline. Flexibility is a primary component of the space. Two pivoting, pill-shaped walls with recessed seating can be reconfigured for different events, allowing the space to transform day to day.

The project is layered with subtle textures and materials. Extruded aluminum fins line the curving walls to create seamless transitions between adjacent spaces. The soft, silver anodized finish of the fins amplifies the natural light in the space and softly reflects the changing light. The main residential lobby and concierge desk, located just beyond the public lobby, are lined in ebonized oak tambor wallcovering. The centerpiece is a cylindrical stair enclosure that casts a sculptural presence in the apse of the lobby, offering visitors an experiential connection to the upper floor amenities. The neutral palette of grays and blacks creates a backdrop for bold color-blocked furniture arrangements with blues (public lobby), greens (residential lobby and mailroom), and reds (café). The upper floors of the building include a pool lounge, co-working spaces, a gym and fitness area, a reservable room, and an outdoor terrace.