Asheville Commons — Asheville, North Carolina

Date: 2018
Status: Proposal
Category: Commercial, Hospitality, Workspace, Cultural, Mixed-Use
Team: Chris Leong, Dominic Leong, Christopher Lee, Yu-Hsiang Lin, Tristany Serra, Hannah Frossard

Asheville Commons is an innovative hotel and co-living concept developed for the newly formed Riverside Art District. The co-living concept combines market-rate and affordable units with a small hotel. Residential and hospitality units are kept compact by providing ample common space. In leveraging the community’s mission for exchange and sharing, the Commons can increase efficiency and foster community.

Sustainability is integrated into the design, both in minimizing its carbon footprint and anticipating future environmental conditions. Located within a flood zone, the massing is lifted above the floodplain. The procession from the landscape into the floating volume creates a sense of arrival. With its main façade south-facing, an extruded CLT façade grid simultaneously provides passive sun-shading while creating exterior balcony space. PV panels are integrated with the façade and roof system.