Open Studio — Venice, California

Date: 2023
Status: Complete
Category: Wellness
Size: 2,400 s.f.
Team: Chris Leong, Dominic Leong, Hannah Frossard, Dina Reziapova, Ý Nhi Tran
Collaborators: Workpoint Structural Engineering, LSTN

The Open flagship studio in Venice, CA is a purpose built space for immersive mindfulness and body movement practice inspired by the legacy of the Light and Space artists whose neighboring studios once occupied Market Street.

Within the 2,500-square-foot meditation room, the elliptical oculus serves as the centerpiece, flooding the space with natural light and creating a visual focal point. The Pyrok acoustical stucco lining the walls offers sound insulation and a tactile quality. Hi-fidelity sound, natural light, and material texture create a multi-sensory environment. Tinted glass mirrors amplify the immersive quality of the design, reflecting and refracting light and movement. A photovoltaic system provides renewable energy.