Hancock Park House — Los Angeles, California

Date: 2023
Status: Complete
Category: Private Residential
Size: 4,500 s.f. (Interior), 1,500 s.f. (Exterior)
Team: Dominic Leong, Chris Leong, Gabriel Burkett, Jackie Woon Bae, Yu-Hsiang Lin, Hannah Frossard, Han Ning Tsai
Collaborators: Workpoint (Structure), Johnston Vidal Projects

In 2017, we were commissioned with the renovation of a 6,000-square-foot home in Hancock Park, Los Angeles for an art collecting family with young children. Initial conversations revealed the client’s preference for institutional and hospitality spaces over traditional domesticity, which served as inspiration for the design approach—a transformation of the residence into a serene indoor/outdoor suburban sanctuary for living with art.

Due to Historic Preservation guidelines the renovation was only allowed to affect 50% of the original house. In response, we proposed a continuous wall to re-configure the entrance to the house and create a new living space that opened directly onto exterior courtyards.

A desire to create separate outdoor “rooms” for the pool area, kids play zone, and an entertaining area was accommodated by the composition of the new wall and the existing boundary of the lot.

The palette draws on contemporary materials like stucco, pre-cast concrete and polycarbonate as a subtle counterpoint to the vernacular language of the post-modern Palladian Ranch house.

The project utilizes a Tesla roof system to create a net-zero energy system.

Naho Kubota