Triple Canopy — New York, New York

Date: 2016
Status: Complete
Category: Cultural, Workspace
Size: 2,500 s.f.
Team: Chris Leong, Julie Amblard, Alda Ly

Leong Leong partnered with Triple Canopy to design a workspace and venue that accommodates (and reflects) the organization’s activities, which range from solitary editing and coding to daylong work sessions with contributors to performances and readings. In contrast to the prevailing open-office trend, Leong Leong’s design supports varying degrees of attention while minimizing auditory and visual distraction. This concept is most clearly and definitively demonstrated by a conference room that converts into a stage for public programs, providing a visual anchor for lectures, screenings, conversations, and performances. Hidden behind this feature are four library-style carousels for focused reading and writing. On the opposite side, a communal kitchen is seamlessly integrated with a lounge with sofas for reading and conversing; this area converts to event seating. A series of intimately scaled office spaces defines the north end of the space, with windows looking out onto Canal Street.