Ariadne Getty Foundation Senior Housing — Los Angeles, California

Date: 2021
Status: Complete
Category: Housing
Size: 70,300 s.f.
Team: Dominic Leong, Chris Leong, Gabriel Burkett, Shanna Yates, Nile Greenberg, Dale Strong, Yu-Hsiang Lin / Competition Team: Dominic Leong, Chris Leong, Nile Greenberg, Nyssa Sherazee, Gabriel Burkett, Yu-Hsiang Lin
Collaborators: Killefer Flammang Architects (Executive Architect), Pamela Burton & Company (Landscape Architect)

The Ariadne Getty Foundation Senior Housing Complex is the world’s first intergenerational facility for the LGBTQ community. The five-story complex is dedicated to providing safe and supportive housing to low-income LGBTQ Angelenos over the age of 62. Offering a mix of 98 apartments, including 19 studios, 75 one-bedrooms, and four two-bedroom units, the 70,300-square-foot complex is located directly adjacent to the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s 2-acre Anita May Rosenstein Campus in East Hollywood.

“The architecture proactively interfaces with the city, while serving as a sanctuary for diversity,” said Dominic Leong, cofounding partner of Leong Leong, when the facility opened in 2019. “A series of internal courtyards create spaces of refuge within, while a new public plaza invites the community and the city to connect. The architecture is a mosaic of identities and programs rather than a singular iconic gesture.”