Date: 2019
Status: In Progress
Category: HOUSING
Size: 62,000 s.f.
Team: Chris Leong, Dominic Leong, Christopher Lee, Yu-Hsiang Lin, Hannah Frossard, Tristany Serra Lasierra

Asheville Commons is an affordable artist housing and living concept developed for the Riverside Arts District. The co-living concept combines affordable units, artist studio spaces, co-working and hospitality for long and short term stays. Residential and hospitality units are kept compact by providing ample common space. In leveraging the community’s mission for exchange and sharing, the Commons can increase efficiency and foster community. Located within a FEMA floodzone, the massing is lifted above the floodplain. The procession from the landscape into the floating volume creates a sense of arrival. The gridded east-facing facade performs as both a continuous exterior balcony space and self-shading enclosure. The building is intended to be Net-zero energy building, that integrates a cross-laminated timber structure, photovoltaic roof canopy, and geo-thermal power.